Valentine’s Day Exhibition

Opening tomorrow, I’m taking part in an exhibition for Valentine’s Day at one of my stockists; Arbor Jewels.
The exhibition, titled ‘Love’ runs from Tuesday 5th February, until Sunday 17th February 2013.
It’s a window exhibition, so if you’re in the area, wander by at any time and check it out!

Arbor Jewels
Shop 12, Sparta Place
459 Sydney Road
Brunswick 3056

Below are some detailed images of my piece:

[pp_gallery gallery_id=”303″]

Artist Statement:

I think Valentine’s Day serves a purpose. As a celebration, it should not be about commercialisation: the giving of generic chocolates, formulaic red roses or teddies is cliché, tokenistic and uninspired. Rather, I believe it is a good opportunity to reflect on what you and your partner have, and celebrate all that is special about your relationship.

It’s a chance to remember how far you have come, and all that you have shared and witnessed together; an opportunity to give thanks, feel blessed and celebrate that you are STILL in love!

It’s a time to reflect on that first sighting, the first kiss on your mate’s brick fence, dancing at a party, the meals out, the travel shared, places explored, the tears shed.

My piece aims to capture the feelings of joy, excitement, pride, laughter, sadness, chaos, despair, hope and riotous gay abandon that encompass love. It’s about how you and your partner harness that love to create a rich tapestry of experiences. And that is what should be acknowledged on Valentine’s Day. In your own, private, meaningful way.

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