The Rest of Turkey

Well, I found a few more of Turkey floating around…
A place which I already miss greatly and will remember fondly. Many years of inspiration found their way into my heart there!

Chillies drying
Chillies drying out on a balcony. A common sight yet the colours and contrasts were enthralling.
Tara Jewellery
You know, if things don’t work out for me back home, there is a stand in Selcuk, Turkey, that is waiting for me to take over proprietorship!! Pity it was such a dive but with my skills baby, I could turn it’s fortunes around!!
An incredible old mosque we visited. The patterns on the exterior were incredible!
Old relics
Old relics lying discarded in the courtyard of the mosque.
I could stare at Arabic script for days…
Library at Ephesus
The ancient Library at the ruins of Ephesus (the best preserved ancient Roman city in the Mediterranean). As shared with 30,000 other people that day, obviously.
But still incredible nonetheless.
Ephesus Library Balcony
Looking upwards from the balcony of the Library. Exquisite carved detail!


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