The adventure begins…

So for those of you who don’t know, this blog is going to change a little as I am traversing the world and reporting back on what I come across!
Apologies if you came here for my jewellery, but for the next four months I will be posting on my travels; the things I see and do.
I hope you enjoy. (I’ve changed the layout too but I’m not too sure about it – would love your feedback! Good or bad.)

First stop on our journey is Istanbul, Turkey. A city so vibrant and happening, I could just chuck in the rest of the trip and set up a life here! It’s super cool here – very cultured, interesting and liveable. We are officially in love with Istanbul!

After a 24 hour journey, we made it to our hostel, only to be shown up six flights of winding, narrow stairs, to discover that we were sleeping in what I termed a ‘Hobbit’s Hovel’.

Essentially it was someone’s attic, with just a small manhole in the corner for light, and a roof so low that we couldn’t even stand up. Now, anyone who knows Chris and I, knows how short we are and what an unlikely challenge this would usually be for us!

We stayed only one night, cancelled the rest and hightailed it outta there to a much better room.

Hobbit Hovel
That’s Chris, ın the attic.

We have spent most of our time wandering around, roaming and roaming until our feet are so bruised that we literally cannot take another step! There is so much to see around here, so many nooks and crannies to discover. We’ve been to galleries, chatted with artists, rambled in and out of shops, stopped for tea and Turkish sweets, visited holy and historical sights, cruised along the Bosphorus, eaten fish kebabs by the water’s edge, listened to the call to prayer emanating from the mosques throughout the day. And we’ve barely scratched the surface!
Here are some amazing buildings and streetscapes we have come across in the past few days:

Just a regular mosque in Istanbul; this isn’t even one of the ‘attraction’ ones!!
Hilly residential streets – anyone who lives here must have legs and buns of steel!


Blue Mosque
The exterior of the ‘Blue Mosque’ (which isn’t blue until you get inside.
And even then, not so much!)

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque Interior
Interior of the Blue Mosque – everywhere you looked was just thousands upon thousands of different tiles in different patterns. Absolutely awe-inspiring.
The underground Cistern, built in the 6th Century to supply water to the growing city. It was so eerie and cool down there (I’m referring to the temperature!)
Tiles outside a mosque. This shit totally floats my boat!

Well, that’s just a little taste of what’s been happening. I’m not risking writing anymore at this stage as I got nearly my whole post written, only to lose it all. So I’m going while I still can!

Time to find a rooftop bar with a view over the city for some well-earned cold beers.


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