Sailing the Turkish coast + Pamukkale

Sunrise from our boat. It was beautiful waking up to this after sleeping under the stars
St Nicholas Island
The ruins on St Nicholas Island. (Yes, thats THE St Nicholas, a.k.a Santa Claus; apparently the guy is from Turkey! This tunnel led all the way down from the top of a mountain, down to the shore). What a view, huh?
Floating in the Med
Floating in the Med ~ it`s a tough life, but someone`s gotta do it!
Seafood Dinner
Baba (Dad) our boat Captain; Ivan, and his sweet lil wifey, cooking us up a storm of seafood that their badass daughter caught with spears the night before
Laser light show dance party
Impromptu laser light show dance party
More Dancing
More dancing. Thats the balding sweaty captain gravy~training Florencia, the sexy Argentinian. He was slightly creepy and lecherous.
To the right is Chris, cutting a rug with the American mother and daughter gaggle ~ Bub (my seasickness mate), Wendi, the mother hen of the boat, and Feliz
Off the boat now. This is the abandoned village of Kayakoy. Originally a Greek settlement until Turkey and Greece did a population exchange in 1923. All the Christian Greeks living in this village were kicked out and sent back to Greece, and all the Muslim Turks living in Greece were kicked out and sent back to Turkey. However, once people left this village, no one ever took up residence there again. So all that stands in the silence are the remains of over 500 houses, with a hot draughty wind whipping through. Very eerie but very cool! All houses were built the same, exactly 50sqm, and built evenly spaced up the hill so no ones house blocked the view of other houses. If only Western society could think communally the same way and respect thy neighbours!
Fish market in Fethiye. You buy your fish here, take it to the restaurants surrounding the market, and they`ll cook it for you!

The following are images from Pamukkale. The Turkish landscape is so awe inspiring!

Contrary to what it looks like, this is NOT the snow! It was about 40degrees here.

It is just this big white mass, sticking out of the side of a mountain, formed by calcium carbonate dripping down. There are thermal hot springs that feed through to different pools, which you can swim in. Like nothing I have ever seen.

This place used to be an ancient Roman `spa town` called Hierapolis, where people would come to bathe in the waters and be cured of their ailments.

It was wondrous.

A view of the cascading pools


You can see the calcium dripping off the side here; like icing off a warm cupcake!


They control the flow of water into the various pools, and dry different ones out at different times, to prevent build up of moss and mildew etc. These ones were baking out in the sun.


A typical Turkish doorway. Chillies, anyone? Yes please!
Pamukkale Patterns
The patterns of Pamukkale
Pamukkale Health
Curing my ailments and diseases ha ha

Pamukkale 6

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