New Stockists!

Ok, so I’m obviously not great at this whole blog caper… and keeping you all in the loop…

BUT – the latest word on the street is I have two new stockists!

As well as the lovely ladies at Craft Victoria, you can now find my jewellery at Arbor, in Sparta Place, Brunswick. (Off Sydney Road near the Marianna Hardwick building). It’s nice and close to my studio, and stocks an amazing array of contemporary jewellers in a beautiful, concise little shop.

And just last week I dropped off a small range to Gallery 34 in Yea! Yay!! So all you country-folk can get your hands on my stuff more readily! Stop by and have a look if you are passing through – it’s in the old red-brick bank building. They do coffee and run monthly exhibtions in the gallery – well worth the stop-off! The current exhibition by Darren Gilbert of pen and ink etchings looks AMAZING!!!
Check it out:

Until next time… adieu xx

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