New Range

Following on from my burst of tribal-inspired creativity, I’ve been designing and crafting a new range of work that explores COLOUR!

All the pieces in this new range are hand-stamped and patterned using metal punches.

It feels fresh and exciting to be exploring new themes and has led to me feeling incredibly inspired.

Diamond stud earrings
Diamond stud earrings; oxidised sterling silver + beads
Di-Tri Pendant
Di-Tri (Diamond Tribal) Pendant; oxidised copper + glass beads on silk cord (long)
Di-Tri Pendant
Di-Tri Pendant; heat-treated copper + glass beads on cord (long)
Di-Tri earrings
Di-Tri earrings; oxidised copper with sterling silver hooks
Di-Tri earrings
Di-Tri earrings; angular hook detail
Tri-Moon Pendant
Tri-Moon Pendant; sterling silver + glass beads
Tri-Moon Studs
Tri-Moon Studs; sterling silver + glass beads
Tri-Moon studs
Tri-Moon studs; treated copper + glass beads
Diamond Pendant
Diamond Pendant; sterling silver

All designs are copyright ©Tara Lofhelm 2013.

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