It’s Hip to be Square

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So with this is mind, allow me to share one of my newer ranges with you! This collection is more graphic and angular in style. It also utilises a lot of oxidisation and blackening, and anyone who knows me knows I love me some blackened silver!

Earrings 1
Sterling silver, 19 x 19mm
Sterling silver, 20 x 20mm

Here, I’m still using some of my twisting elements, but am moving towards more angular shapes.

Earrings 2
Oxidised silver, 40mm x 10mm
Earrings 3
Oxidised silver with twisted gold-plated wire, 24mm x 13mm
Earrings 4
Oxidised silver with coloured wire, 29mm x 10mm
Earrings 5
Silver with coloured wire, 24mm x 13mm
Necklace 2
Oxidised silver with twisted gold-plated wire, 30mm x 29mm
Necklace 3
Sterling silver wrapped with red and blue coloured wire, 35mm x 20m
Earrings 6
Sterling silver, brushed and oxidised, 39mm x 15mm

Earrings 7

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