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Bear with me again, I’m struggling to get to a computer with a USB cable to show you my pictures off my camera…
So to satiate your desire for information in the interim, I’ve posted the below pics from our time in Cappadocia, in central Turkey.

I’m doing this from a new app so can’t work out how to comment under each pic argghhhh!!!

Cappadocia is this amazing land, formed by the eruptions and lava flow of three separate volcanoes in the area, lots and lots and lots of years ago. 🙂
It has these strange formations jutting skyward all over the landscape, in the most amazing array of colours and shapes. It was like nothing we’ve seen before. Although parts of it did remind me of central Australia, Uluru etc.
Over the centuries people have carved into the shapes to essentially live their lives in these cave dwellings…there were houses, monasteries, churches, underground cities etc. The sense of history there was unfathomable.

So I’ve included some pics of the various views we saw, and also of the hot air ballooning we did one morning to watch the sunrise. It was chaos in the air!! I counted 85 balloons at one point, and there were a few mid air collisions. But luckily, being balloons, they just bounced off each other, the pilots steering shouted at each other in Turkish, and someone would navigate their balloon away. It was so incredibly peaceful and calm up in the air, floating over everything.

It was the most amazing sight to see, I think we were more entranced by the sight of all the balloons, rather than the landscape itself!! An unforgettable experience.

The last pic is of our lunch one day; salty, delicious, piping hot pide, a little charred around the edges from the baker’s oven it came out of. Fresh and delicious and turns out I have made bread my friend again…kinda had to, considering its basically all that Turkish people eat!! Bread bread and more bread. Hello carb loading!!

Hope this post works and is ok! I’ll try to post more stuff next week. We’re about to head off on a cruise around the Med for four days; stay tuned!

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