Greek Island Escapade #1: Samos & Mykonos

Well, let the paradise shots begin…

In Samos, we hired a car one day to drive around the island. We parked on a hilltop to make our way down some stairs to the beach, and were greeted by this vision….
Heaven on Earth!
Tantalising Tentacles
A regular sight along the port of Samos, and most Greek islands for that matter.
Deliciously tantalising tentacles, drying out in the sun.
Apparently this process softens them, makes them less rubbery.
All it did was make my mouth salivate at all hours of the day, dreaming of dinner time!
Mykonos. The view looking back from our guesthouse. This just typifies the Mykonos landscape: crisp white cubist architecture, accented by bright blue, set against a harsh, demanding landscape of earthy brown.
A Mykonos Church
A church on the island of Mykonos
Mediterranean dining experience
We didn’t even eat at this restaurant but I had to take a picture.
The quintessential Mediterranean evening dining experience. Waterfront; alfresco; casual; relaxed; warm; inviting; delicious; wine-filled; communal; convivial; did I mention delicious?
(If you look really closely you might even be able to make out the whole octopi which are strung out to dry on the mast of the ship)
Mykonos Windmills
A famous Mykonos icon; the windmills
A typical Mykonos street
A typical Mykonos street through the main town. This doesn’t even capture it’s beauty! Narrow, winding, maze-like, blinding, packed with people. Every twist and turn confused and disoriented you, but made you come across new hidden gems that you didn’t even know were there. A place for hours of exploration.
Mykonos after sunset
Mykonos landscape just after sunset, looking back away from the horizon. I love the lilac tones in this picture; it’s so different to the hues of the daytime in stark sunshine.
Mykonos town from the port
A view of Mykonos town from the port.
Now you get a feel for the blinding white-on-white atmosphere!
Ok, it was a VERY typical, popularised Greek island, but I have to admit it was truly picturesque.
Sailing ship at sunset
Sailing ship at sunset
Greek Colours
The colours of Greece. Crisp, vibrant, classic, inspiring.

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