Greek Escapade #2: Naxos & Santorini

Here comes some more. Feel the deep blue!

Tower on Naxos
A really, really old tower on Naxos. Forgotten how old now. Maybe 11th Century?
Pretty sweet lookout position!
Hills of Naxos
Another view looking out from the hills of Naxos.
It was such a beautiful, chilled, uninterrupted island.
Naxos House
A house in the old commercial heart of central Naxos.
Greek Orthodox church
Greek Orthodox church. Such colour contrasts!
Having a bit of a giggle as Chris piggybacks Miss Piggy down a mountain top
Dinner in Naxos
Eating dinner in the narrow labrynthine streets of the old town of Naxos
Greek Island Vista
Typical vista, Greek Islands style
Santorini Church
Church action on Santorini
Fira Landscape
The landscape of Fira, the main town of Santorini, cascading down over the side of the caldera (volcano edge). We watched the sunset from this bar, and the way the houses changed colour was incredible! Unforgettable.
That’s me – loving life I guess!
Village street, Santorini
Typical village street
One of the highest vantage points of Santorini
Black sand
Black sand twinkle toes!
Red Beach
The red ochre dropping down to ‘red beach’.
Not sure where these beaches get their names from…Red Beach, Black Beach…. ha ha!
So many colours in these islands!
A cheeky view from the scooter
Winding Streetway
Another little winding streetway
You can see in this picture the town in the far distance capping the top of the volcano – see how it looks like snow?!?
Tara and Chris
Good times, happy days
Sunset colours
Sunset colours
Glory, glory, glory. We saw a few of these and they didn’t get tiring!
Love is in the air
Love is in the air at sunset time. DO NOT come here if you are single and depressed!
Santorini Luxury
More hilltop village scenes. This part was luxury hotel alley, so we just stared and dreamed of how the other half live!
Sunset Beer
Nice place for a beer
Greek Tavern
A little tavern we ate dinner at. A highlight meal of the whole Greek Islands.
Santorini speciality
And this was another highlight meal – fresh sardines, tomato fritters (a Santorini speciality, but they had no binding agent in them, just delicious, fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes), local cheese drizzled in honey and sesame…oh and delicious wine too!

If life can be this good everyday I never want to come home…
Well, think I’ll make you all sweat with anticipation for the Athens shots, as this is enough for one day! Glad I could bring you up to speed.

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