Exhibition – The Design Journey

I’m currently in an exhibition, running at one of my stockists; Arbor.

The show is titled The Design Journey, and features eight jewelers exploring and documenting the processes behind their work; their inspirations, workspaces, sketches, tools, prototypes etc.
It’s about examining how we get to the final product – beautiful jewellery.

It runs from the 1st – 31st August 2013, in conjunction with Craft Cubed, Craft Victoria’s annual festival of craft and design.

I thought I’d share my piece with you, and some images of the making process that got me there.

Sunrise Over the Sahara
The finished product, titled ‘Sunrise Over the Sahara
Heat-treated Copper, Sterling Silver, base metal, steel thread, glass beads
Stamping the copper
Beginning the patterning process, stamping the Copper with punches
Adding minor details
Adding minor details
Finished patterned pieces
Finished patterned pieces, before being heat-treated
After heat treating
After heat treating.

I am in love with these colours!
Even the random oil-slick that developed (back left) intrigues me.
Unfortunately, there is no way to seal this colour in place, without affecting its brilliance and vibrancy, so the colour will change and evolve over time, as it interacts with its environment.
In this instance, I actually really like the notion of it continuing to develop and evolve.

Beads beads beads!
Colour inspiration. Not a usual avenue for my jewellery…
Stringing process
Half-way through the stringing process.
Patterned shards
The patterned shards to hang off the bottom
Finished product
Finished product (detail shot)
Sense of size
This gives a sense of the size/length
Pattern inspiration
Some pattern inspiration – a rug I bought in Morocco
Aït Benhaddou, Morocco
Tribal-marked mudbrick building in Aït Benhaddou, Morocco
Marrakech necklace
Some more inspiration; a necklace I bought in Marrakech.
It’s in the style of the Toureg, a nomadic tribe from the desert plains of Morocco
Sahara Sunrise
Inspiration board of images taken in the Sahara desert at sun rise
Flaming colours of the setting sun

Design Journey Flyer

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