Well, it’s been a while. A long while! Thought I’d share some private commissions I’ve had over the last year.

Some earrings I made for my lovely friend Lillie’s birthday.

Earrings 1
Gold-plated brass, oxidised silver
3cm x 5.5cm

A silver ring I made for another friend’s birthday.
This was made by wrapping hessian around and around, then getting it cast.

Ring 1
Oxidised sterling silver

Ring 2

Some wedding bands I made for friends who got married in October.
Congratulations Joey and Mel!

Wedding Bands
Sterling silver

Some ‘Forget-me-knot’ bracelets I made for a friend, who is leaving her friends to move to Perth.
She gave these bracelets to the friends she is leaving behind, as a memento.

Oxidised silver knot on leather and suede bracelet.

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