Christmas Bling

Well, it’s time to get into the festive spirit, so what better way than with a sexy collection of black and gold pieces…but not the low-budget, ‘no frills’ Black & Gold variety! Oh no, these are highly covetable, and much nicer than your average ‘no name’ brand…more on a par with ‘Woolworths Select’ or ‘Coles Finest’; a range that
[quote]”provides you with the highest quality products that are second to none.”
– ‘Woolworths Select’ brand description.[/quote]
(Can you believe I just googled that as part of my research for this post? Sweet Jesus what has my life come to?!?!)

Ok, enough with the supermarket comparisons; I’m getting carried away with the theme and it’s making me and my work look bad! Here, for your viewing pleasure…

Black & Gold range 2
Absolute deliciousness…

Black & Gold Tri-loop Pend w chain drops

Black & Gold Knot Pendant
(apologies for the fuzzy pics)
Black & Gold Pretzel Pendant
“This pretzel is makin’ me thirsty!”

Hmmm… don’t know where all this food talk is coming from… maybe I’m just getting excited for my family’s Christmas Eve Smörgåsbord:


Only 16 days to go!

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