26 Aug, 13 _ Jewellery
Following on from my burst of tribal-inspired creativity, I’ve been designing and crafting a n
03 Aug, 13 _ Jewellery
I’m currently in an exhibition, running at one of my stockists; Arbor. The show is titled¬†The
04 Feb, 13 _ Jewellery
Opening tomorrow, I’m taking part in an exhibition for Valentine’s Day at one of my stoc
27 Aug, 12 _ Travel
Well, seeing as this is a jewellery blog, I’m sharing with you the pieces I bought myself in T
01 May, 12 _ Jewellery
Sharing is caring, dear readers; sharing is caring. So with this is mind, allow me to share one of m
23 Apr, 12 _ Jewellery
Here are some newer pieces which have just been dropped at some of my stockists. There are some new
05 Feb, 12 _ Jewellery
Well, it’s been a while. A long while! Thought I’d share some private commissions I&#821
08 Dec, 10 _ Jewellery
Well, it’s time to get into the festive spirit, so what better way than with a sexy collection
01 Dec, 10 _ Jewellery
I was commissioned to make these earrings for a dear family friend and she has been wearing them eve
28 Oct, 10 _ Jewellery
I’ve been a busy bee trying to get prepped and ready for the Christmas onslaught… Making