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01 Dec, 10 _ Jewellery
I was commissioned to make these earrings for a dear family friend and she has been wearing them eve
28 Oct, 10 _ Jewellery
I’ve been a busy bee trying to get prepped and ready for the Christmas onslaught… Making
15 Oct, 10 _ Uncategorized
Ok, so I’m obviously not great at this whole blog caper… and keeping you all in the loop
10 Sep, 10 _ Jewellery
So, seeing as this is a blog about my jewellery, I thought I’d better share some pictures of m
10 Sep, 10 _ Travel
So, I’ve recently returned from a trip to Malaysia and thought I’d better share some be
10 Sep, 10 _ Uncategorized
Welcome to my blog! Here I am, delving into the worldwide web; embracing the information age and th