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26 Aug, 13 _ Jewellery
Following on from my burst of tribal-inspired creativity, I’ve been designing and crafting a n
03 Aug, 13 _ Jewellery
I’m currently in an exhibition, running at one of my stockists; Arbor. The show is titled The
12 Mar, 13 _ Travel
For the final leg of our Croatian-installment, we jumped a bus and headed north to the capital; Zagr
19 Feb, 13 _ Travel
After Greece, we made our way north to the sunny seas of the Adriatic. Looking at a map, we figured
18 Feb, 13 _ Travel
Well, I finally find some time to update the pictures from my travels. Even though six months have a
04 Feb, 13 _ Jewellery
Opening tomorrow, I’m taking part in an exhibition for Valentine’s Day at one of my stoc
13 Sep, 12 _ Travel
Here comes some more. Feel the deep blue! If life can be this good everyday I never want to come hom
13 Sep, 12 _ Travel
Well, let the paradise shots begin…
13 Sep, 12 _ Travel
Well, I found a few more of Turkey floating around… A place which I already miss greatly and w
27 Aug, 12 _ Travel
Well, seeing as this is a jewellery blog, I’m sharing with you the pieces I bought myself in T